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Welcome to the Dronias Empire!

It is the Golden Age of the Dronias Empire. The Empire has just welcomed the newly conquered region of the Easterlands into the nurturing arms of the greatness of Dronias. Emperor Ludovicus holds more power over his realm than any of his predecessors. Scholars in the Arcanus have been researching powerful new arcane innovations that will secure the Dronias Empire’s military and intellectual power for centuries to come. And there is even a new God that has been making waves among worshipers that will soon find itself in the Pantheon.

However, everything may seem bright in the Dronias Empire but once you scratch the surface of this Gilded Age, the true nature of the realm is revealed. The new territory being dubbed the Easterlands have been ravaged by the recent wars with the Qing Lao Empire to the East. The region has been left in desolation and its people now must live without the protection and rights provided under their previous rulers. Emperor Ludovicus has been using the military to take power away from the senate and take absolute control over the government. The long standing issue over the rights of Non-humans and particularly Beastkin have only escalated with the addition of the Easterlands. Rumor has it that many in the Arcanus have been turning to dangerous dark magics that may threaten the safety of the Empire. This new god Merek worries many since he is and unknown entity and many believe that he may disrupt the pantheon and usurp the other Gods.


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